Kook gym

 Boys Locker Rooms

Spacious and functional locker rooms 100 m² each, fully equipped. Lockers to store personal dress, operated with a membership card without extra cost.

Possibility to rent lockers smaller to store your toiletries, for 3 / month. Clothes hangers, paper hand towel, soap sink, Towels for hire if you ever forget it at home, large mirror. En definitiva everything you need for after your workout and a shower, leave the kook with full batteries.

Kook Gym Sauna

Kook Gym Sauna

Available to kook gym's partners a sauna service, as ideal to finish a training day.

Boys Monday & Thursday from 19:30 to 22:30

Girls Tuesday & Friday from 19:30 to 22:30

Enjoy with a dry heat bath, after finishing your workout and before the shower, to relax and get home like new. Ideal for liquid waste and eliminate toxins.

Especially for people who want to avoid water retention, cleanse the skin and respiratory system and eliminate toxins.

Contraindicated to people with cardiovascular problems and varicose veins.



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