Kook gym

Bodybuilding Hall

With 500 , it's the main room of gym kook. It is equipped with everything you need for workout and cardio fitness.

The walls are covered with large mirrors to help you perform the exercises in the correct position, and prevent injury, due to wrong postures. Casement windows that allow natural light and ventilation, creating an ideal atmosphere for the practice and realization of your training.

Equipped with 3 screens 32 "air extraction, air conditioned and surround sound equipment. 64 Gerva Sport machines, plates, converged disc, levers, etc..

The free weight area has rubber flooring to minimize impacts and reduce noise. Compact dumbbells from 6-44 Kgs. Can also be mounted more weight dumbbells. 8 moving sidewalks, Olympic free weight discs, very comfortable. 8 Olympic bars, 8 with fixed weight, etc.

The cardio area is equipped with stationary bikes (horizontal and vertical),treadmills or ride, steppers, 2 concept rowing, elliptical, etc.



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